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November Flavors

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Here at The Good Scoop, we LOVE ice cream. And, that's not putting it lightly. Not only do we love eating it, but we also love the entire process of creating new ice cream flavors. My name is Stephen and I am the owner/founder and head ice cream maker. Each month we come up with new and exciting flavors that we make in small batches. And, every month we sell out of our special limited edition flavors. Sometimes we only make 6 quarts of one flavor, while sometimes it can be gallons. When I create a new flavor, all the owners taste it internally first. And, if it passes the test then I make more. And those small batches make their way to our Davis shop from time to time. We believe in truly Artisan Ice Cream, everything is made by hand on a small machine, so we take time with each batch. And I love trying new flavors!

All of our ice cream is made with Straus Family Creamery Milk. Their farm is entirely organic and at The Good Scoop, we believe in supporting smaller businesses that are "doing organic right". Their milk makes our ice cream taste the best that it can. When we add in fruits and flavors we are also very picky. Sacramento is also right smack in the middle of the largest prime agricultural regions in the entire world. We are fortunate to be surrounded by a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Sometimes just walking around the Davis Farmer's Market will get me inspired to make something new. All summer, we had Blackberry Ice Cream that was made from fresh berries from the Davis Farmer's Market. But, that's what I love about each new month, there are new things in season and new flavors to come up with!

This month, November, the flavors are (drum roll please!):


Sweet Cream


Peppermint Bark

Earl Grey Tea


Pumpkin Chip

Butter Pecan

Matcha (vegan)

Coffee (vegan) To inspire you for Thanksgiving and the Holidays this year, we made Pumpkin Chip Ice Cream! We used some small dark chocolate chips and the ice cream tastes just like pumpkin pie. We also made Peppermint Bark Ice Cream that turned out great. It is sort of a deconstructed peppermint bark, but it totally works. We use organic beet colored candy canes and yummy dark and white chocolate that is roughly chopped to give it balance. The peppermint flavor even comes from fresh mint! And to top it off for this flavor, we use 100% natural beet coloring to give the ice cream color. People always ask us for colored ice creams but most of ours are light in color because we don't add anything that is not natural. We thought that it would be a fun thing to try and still stay true to our values while having fun for the Holidays!

We hope you'll stop in and enjoy all of our special November flavors, while they last!  

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Gelato Gourmet
Gelato Gourmet
Mar 19, 2021


As with other ice creams, the sugar in gelato prevents it from freezing solid by binding to the water and interfering with the normal formation of ice crystals.

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