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Introducing our newest Ice Cream Maker

We have lots of news for August! It's been a fun summer. In July we teamed up with Araceli Farms and Straus Creamery to create an organic lavender lemon shortbread ice cream, it was SO good. We also have some exciting collaborations in the works, stay tuned on our social media as we partner with other incredible local businesses! Read on to learn about what's going on this month.

We took a trip out to Araceli Farms lsat month, their lavendar inspired our Pint of the Month flavor

Pint of the Month - August

If you're apart of our Pint of the Month Club, this month's flavor is using seasonal ingredients and is basically summer packed into a pint. It's a Triple-Berry Pie Ice Cream with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries with chunks of pie crust. We use our organic ice cream base with our #pintofthemonth.

Want to snag a pint for yourself?

It's available to our Pint of the Month Club Members. The Pint of the Month Club (POMC) flavors are available for our Club members. For $100 join our POMC and get 12 pints of reserve ice cream for the price of 10. To join, click here, or purchase in-store.

August Specials

Check our Facebook for more #surprise Customer Appreciation Events like you saw in July

Introducing, Julian Lopez, our newest Ice Cream Maker

He has a background in the culinary arts and is looking forward to making some new and exciting flavors. He is already experimenting with flavors like banana pudding, Mexican rice pudding, and chocolate raspberry brownie. We are looking forward to having him making our ice cream moving forward! Lots more exciting flavors and ideas forthcoming. 

Rick has been a great Store Manager and Ice Cream Maker. He has been a pleasure to have on our team and truly feels like family. We will miss him, and wish him well in retirement. A huge THANK YOU for all of his love and for making some incredibly delicious ice cream.

No worries, Rick and Julian have worked together to ensure a smooth transition so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite flavors. Welcome to the team, Julian! And, thank you again, Rick, you have been awesome.

Monthly Flavor Hints: We release new flavors each month. This month we've got some surprises. Julian and Rick have prepared some delicious summer flavors.

What, oh what, could they be? Visit us throughout the month to find out.

#horchata lovers, if you didn't see my behind-the-scenes Instagram story, I am confirming now that I saw a tub in the back freezer. Check back to see when it gets put on the main line.

Do you love Salted Cookies and Cream? Or, the OG Black Sesame?

You might be a #goodscoopie. It's the end of summer, which means that some of our #goodscoopers are heading back to college. If you find yourself loving some of our #funky flavors, you might be a good fit. As a server, you get a free scoop every shift and the pay range is $12 an hour depending on previous experience.

To apply and for more information, please send a cover letter telling us why you would be a good fit along with your resume and references to :)


Want The Good Scoop #Merch? Head over to our Online Store or purchase at the Shop!

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Khushboo Ice Cream
20 de mai. de 2021

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