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Hello Dixon

Change is never easy, but it is part of life. We tend to find ice cream makes everything better and we have been enjoying our fair share. As we enter into 2019, The Good Scoop has some major changes and new projects coming up. We are very excited to let all our customers and friends know that we will be opening a scoop shop in Dixon just off Interstate I-80.

Dixon is a small but close knit community that has a rich history of agriculture. Here at The Good Scoop we love and appreciate all our local farmers in the Central Valley of California, and we are excited to make new friends and undertake new collaborations. We have already been met with a very warm welcome and every single person we meet is excited about our upcoming shop. The number one question is “when are you opening?” The short answer is as soon as possible! We are planning a grand opening on March 1 from 1 pm -7 pm and will likely open up our doors a few days before that, keep an eye on our social media for updates.

First phase of construction in Dixon.

Our vision for the Dixon shop is to create a space where the Dixon community feels welcome to come and hang out with friends and family over a scoop of ice cream. Ice cream is one of those special foods that people from all walks of life appreciate and enjoy, ice cream makes people happy. We look forward to learning more about the community and making some delicious ice cream along the way.

We are overjoyed that our new neighbors are The Solano Baking Company! They were some of the first people we chatted with and have been very kind and gracious. We have been eating a lot of donuts, as we use their space as our temporary office. We even already collaborated with them by making a coffee and donut ice cream. And, we can’t wait for you to try it! The ideas are flowing, and we’re looking forward to some exciting ice cream flavors.

We have big plans for our little Dixon shop. With a larger ice cream making capacity, and part of the reason we moved, we can service more stores with The Good Scoop Ice Cream. That means Dixon will be hub of operations for The Good Scoop, resulting in several job openings with ability for growth. We have been working hard on the permits and the first phase of construction, here are a few photos.

Constructing the floor in our new ice cream production space.

Almost there!

As we look forward to opening our doors in Dixon, we have begun planning for our flavors. Opening month flavors include:


Sweet cream


Earl grey tea


Butter pecan

Matcha (vegan)

Coconut chip ice (vegan)

We hope you will stop by our Dixon location for some delicious handmade ice cream.

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