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The Good Scoop Ice Cream 2020

Greetings from the kitchen of the Good Scoop Ice Cream shop in Dixon CA. My name is Rick and I am the ice cream maker for The Good Scoop. Today is February 7, 2020. 2020 either I am getting old or time really flies by. I remember as a kid going to our favorite ice cream parlor. I have fond memories of the wonderful varieties of ice cream, sundaes, and delicious treats. I can’t recall the name but they had 26 flavors of ice cream not to mention toppings - enough for a full cub scout pack. Oh well, I digress…

The Good Scoop is now where I call home, and now I am helping to create memories for families and kids alike. I have been making delicious ice cream flavors since April of last year, loving every minute and all the happy faces. Our mission is to provide you the consumers with great flavor and a high-quality product using fresh local ingredients whenever possible. I have the distinct pleasure of creating the flavors you have come to love. With that, it's time to tell you about our February flavors and give you a taste of March.

My personal favorite is Chocolate covered strawberry, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Small chunks of fresh strawberries have been coated with homemade chocolate and then infused into our vanilla base to create a triple taste sensation in your mouth.

A second Valentine flavor is Rose petal rosewater flavored ice cream containing pink and red rose petal pieces. Didn’t know you could eat roses!! There are actually one of nine varieties of edible flowers. This one will be available in our shop next week. Be sure to try this distinctive flavor and take a taste as rose petals have a distinct flavor.

As you know we pride ourselves in unique flavors and each month we offer 3-4 unique flavors for you to try. Make sure you stop by and try these limited-run flavors. This month we celebrated National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. In honor of this day, we served waffles and ice cream for breakfast along with Maple bar ice cream as our special flavor. This used real maple bars chunks in maple ice cream, two taste treats in one. We still have some left so come on in and taste for yourself. Stay tuned for our next event coming on Saturday, March 7th, National Cereal Day, we are hard at work in the test kitchen coming up with some new flavors to go along with our March flavors.

March is just around the corner and we will also have some new and distinctive flavors. We will have some special St. Patrick's Day surprises in store for you. We are testing Irish cream, Pot of gold, and Creme de menthe. Sound interesting? Be sure to stay tuned for some more information. Can't tell you much more than this so you will need to come and sample all of the new and exciting flavors coming to The Good Scoop in the month ahead.

I love talking ice cream, so come on in and say hello. I look forward to chatting with you soon


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